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Every year Women Lead Arkansas hosts a weekend-long campaign training for women. The non-partisan event is for women who want to run for office, are thinking about it, or who want to support or work for other candidates. No matter our backgrounds or beliefs, each year we leave with new friends and supporters. As an organization, WLA focuses on preparing women to work together to make the state and our communities better for everyone.



Who are you? Why are you running for office? What are your values? Creating the right messages for your voters may be the most important component of your campaign. Learn how to be an effective communicator.



Show me the money! No matter how frugal you plan to be during your campaign, you will need resources. (But if you can run unopposed, that's the best option!). We haven't met many people who like to ask people for money, but you're gonna have to do it. You will also need volunteers to help you knock on doors, ask for money, and keep your campaign strategy moving toward election day. 



Does it seem like the rules change daily? We think so, too. That's why we keep experts in the fold so that they can teach all of us how to effectively leverage email, social media, and traditional media like newspapers and television. Not planning to go as big as TV? No problem. There are still many important strategies that can be applied to different media platforms.